Tuesday, December 30, 2014

AnnArbaugh: Jim Harbaugh is Coming Home to Michigan

Every single Michigan fan's Christmas wish came true: Jim Harbaugh is coming home to coach the Wolverines back to their elite program status. The haters doubted that Michigan had the clout to get this done (my boyfriend included), but we did it y'all. WE'RE MICHIGAN. Jealous?

Harbaugh's deal is said to be $5 million/year, plus incentives, for 7 years. It wasn't the $8 million/year that was reported, and it's said that's because Jim didn't want to be in the highest paid coach. Who knows if that's true, but 5 million/year is nothing to shake a stick at. As an aside, I think landing Harbaugh gets Jim Hackett the privilege of dropping 'interim' off of his athletic director title, don't you?

And for the record, you heard it hear first: Jim Harbaugh vs. Urban Meyer in The Ten Year War 2.0.

Welcome home, Jim.


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