Monday, December 29, 2014

December 2014 Beauty & Fashion Favorites

FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment in Sugar Plum (get it here!)
My all-time favorite FRESH lip product. It's plum-colored, so  you would expect it to be super pigmented, dark, and not that wearable, but this particular one is just described as a sheer wash of plum color. It's the perfect lip product to swipe on to give your lips color without having to worry about it being a high maintenance color to maintain during the day. I highly recommend it.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude (get it here!)
I finally jumped onto the Laura Mercier bandwagon and got her tinted moisturizer (in the regular, not oil-free version). I got the shade 'Nude', which is the perfect shade to make it look like I'm not wearing anything. It has become what I throw on my face when I am running errands, or when I am going to work but don't need to make any court appearances.

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo (get it here!)
The jury is still out on this as I've only used it a few times, but I'm loving it so far. It is a clarifying shampoo that I use about once every 2 weeks (I try to only wash my hair twice a week if I can manage), and it really does a good job getting all the gunk out (i.e. leftover hair spray, dry shampoo residue, etc).

FRESH Black Tea Age Delay Concentrate (get it here!)
This is a perfect day or night eye cream. Moisturizing, but not too heavy, not scented, and does what it needs to. I really do love it and I've been using a deluxe sample of it that has been lasting me. However, the full-size is a bit pricey at $85, so I'm not sure if I'll be ready to pull the trigger on that just yet.

Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Sparkling Snowflake Scrub (get it here!)
I needed a new winter exfoliating scrub, and this one from Bath & Body Works is the perfect mix of winter and fruit scents. It's described as "an irresistible treat of red apple, winter rose petals, and candied orange", and it really just smells amazing.

David Yurman Black Onyx Albion Sunglasses
Oh hay. These were my 'Congratulations on your new job' present to myself. I have no idea where to send you to get them as I bought them at my eye doctor's office (yep, I got an insurance discount on these bad boys), but they are likely the 2nd most luxurious things I own aside from my Manolos.

Zella 'Wanderlust' Tee (get it here!)
Shocking, I have something Zella in my favorites. These t-shirts are the most comfortable t-shirts I've ever worn in my life (I have white and gray). I actually don't even wear them as workout t-shirts, I just wear them around in life. They're perfect.

Gap Ultra Skinny Pant (get them here)
Thank me later, working girls. These pants are your new best friend. They feel like leggings on your body (i.e. they're comfortable), but they're a touch looser and are made out of pants material. I wear them all the time with my Express Portofino shirts, and they are the perfect combo for business casual. Go snag a few pairs, because I promise you'll be wearing them every day.

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