Friday, April 3, 2015

March 2015 Lifestyle Favorites

TV Show: Better Call Saul
The best new show to come out in a long time (besides HTGAWM, obviously). If you are a Breaking Bad fan, this show is an absolute must. Even if you aren't though, I highly recommend it. You don't even need to have seen Breaking Bad to understand what's going on in this show because this spin-off is a prequel to Breaking Bad. The first order of episodes ends on Monday, so you'll have plenty of time to catch up before the next batch starts.

Movie: Insurgent

I think I liked Divergent better, but it was still a great movie. 

Food: Thin Mints
Because Girl Scout Cookie season was in March, le duh.

RestaurantOcean Prime
Ben and I went when he was in town and oh my God, it was freaking amazing. I got crab legs and he got lobster tail, both of which were to die for. Plus, I discovered a new happy hour place.

Candle: 'Mimosa' by Diptyque

So I refuse to burn this yet because a) it's so expensive and tiny but b) because just sitting on my dress gives off enough fragrance for my whole room. I'm in love and now a part of the Diptyque fan club.

Book: 'Private Vegas' by James Patterson
The newest installment of the Private series, and I really enjoyed this one. Good edition to the James Patterson collection.

Starbucks Drink: Flat White
I tried the Flat White for the first time in March and while I won't be replacing my espresso with it any time soon, it was a good change.

Song: 'Blank Space / Style' Mashup by Louisia Wendorff
Taylor Swift tweeted about this mash-up and it blew up like crazy all over the internet. And with reason, because it's awe-some.

iPad/iPhone App: Poshmark
So I've been trying to downsize my possessions in a half-hearted effort to live a more minimalistic lifestyle (everyone can let the shock ride over them), and in doing that, I've been selling a lot of my designer stuff on Poshmark. It's super easy and takes less than 60 seconds to list an item. My only negative comment is the huge cut they take (20% of your selling price), but the ease of it and how fast my items sold made it worth it. I've made over $1,000 so far that I'll be putting directly towards a beautiful new Macbook. 

Person: Jodie
It shocked me to realize that after how many months I've been doing lifestyle favorites that I haven't ever had my sister as one! I guess I talk about her in my posts so much that I just assumed i had. One of the great benefits of having moved back up north (yes, there are a few), is that I get to live with my sister, which has obviously been awesome. I'm also so proud of her this month because not only did she pass her occupational therapy boards,she just got a new job as an OT! She's killing it, and I couldn't be a more proud big sister. Love you Jo!

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