Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015 Lifestyle Favorites

TV Show: Mixology
This was playing on the TV while I got my tattoo over Memorial Day weekend (oh yeah, I got a tattoo...), and Ben & I decided to watch the whole series (all 1 season of it) while he was here. It was apparently discontinued but it was a great show about 10 strangers and their experiences one night at the same bar. It's on Netflix if you're looking for a quick show to watch!

MoviePitch Perfect 2
To be fair, the only movie I saw in May, but I really liked it. Not as good as the original I don't think, but definitely worth seeing.

Sweet Food: That's It. Apples + Mango Bars
The 'That's It' line of bars all have two ingredients: apples and one other fruit (some options are bananas, apricot, blueberries, cherry, pear, etc.). I've tried both the Mango and Apricot bars and they're amazing. 100 calories for a bar, and its obviously all natural with only two ingredients! 

Savory Food: Strong & Kind Bar in Honey Smoked BBQ
My new favorite Kind bar - a super bizarre combination when you hear it, but it's amazing! Super satisfying as well.

Restaurant: Circa 1886 (Charleston, South Carolina)
Oh my god. I went the most amazing restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, and this is it. Every single thing I ate there (including the chef's complimentary cup of mushroom and coffee soup) was absolutely incredible. It was a farm-to-table restaurant, and was also a super romantic date night spot. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend it!

Candle: Guava Colada by Bath & Body Works

Described as smelling like "sweet guava, golden passion fruit and rich Pacific island vanilla". Also, the PACKAGING. To die for.

Book: The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace
This book was a great little insight into this wonderful and inspiring man's life, and is a great pick-me-up if you're looking for some inspiration in your every day.

Starbucks Drink: Iced Soy Caramel Macchiatos 

So I've recently discovered I'm moderately intolerant to cow's milk, so I've been getting soy in any espresso drink I have. These iced soy caramel macchiatos are to die for, even if you aren't a soy milk drinker. Try it if you never have, they're life-changing.

Song: 'Stiches' by Shawn Mendes
This guy got famous on vine and I've been following him since the beginning. Now he has multiple singles on the radio, and this is my favorite song off his new album. Download it immediately if you've never heard it or him before.

iPad/iPhone App: The New Macbook
Ok, so this is cheating because obviously the new Macbook is not an app, but I got it at the end of April and I am so obsessed. It's the lightest, sleekest, nicest computer I've ever seen. I actually ended up getting the space grey color after I swore I would either get silver or gold. Once I saw all three in store, the gold was too much and the silver was boring compared to space gray. That being said, if you're in the market for a new computer, this is the move, hands down. Plus Macs last so long; my old Macbook Pro lasted 5 years!

Person: Mrs. Winokur
She helped me pull off the surprise of all surprises for Ben in the beginning of May & it was so great to have her assisting me in the craziness!

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