Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So, I got a Tattoo...

... and I'm super excited about it. I thought I would give y'all a little background since I've gotten a decent amount of questions about what it is, what it means, and why I got one.

My tattoo is a small mandala (pronounced mon-doll-a) on the left side of my left wrist and it is about the size of a quarter. The very short explanation of what a mandala is is a symbol that stems from Eastern religion (Buddhism primarily). The medium explanation is that a mandala can symbolize just about anything to any individual, and they're often used in connection with meditations and Buddhist ceremonies. Different colors can symbolize different wants and needs the meditation is being dedicated to. Mandala literally means 'circle' in sanskrit, symbolizing eternity and the universe. There are endless mandala designs, but the point of them is that they are entirely symmetrical and visibly pleasing to the eye so as to enable the user to focus on it during a meditation. Mandalas have also become a prominent fixture in the practice of yoga (which for those of you don't know, is an important part of my life). Click here for some other mandala designs if you're interested in seeing more intricate ones, as mine is very small.

Tibetan monks are also big into mandalas, which is where the inspiration for my tattoo came from and leads me into the long explanation. I was watching House of Cards Season 3 (yes, this is where it started) and I was watching the episode where the Tibetan monks were making a sand mandala in the White House for months. It was the most intricate and beautiful creation; I was blown away. I had never seen or heard of sand mandalas before (I only knew of mandalas in general from yoga) and was utterly floored that after they completed this sand beautiful design that took them months to create, they celebrated it briefly and then destroyed it. They swept up the sand, put it into a jar, and took it to a river and ceremoniously poured it out. I was so confused as to why, so I looked up sand mandalas and learned this explanation:

"Mandalas are created whenever a need for healing is felt.
When finished, the colored sands are swept up & poured into a nearby river
to symbolize the impermanence of all that exists."

It's so simple and yet it was one of the most powerful things I had ever read given what I had just seen. I read more and more about them and quickly decided that this was what I was going to get a tattoo of. The design of the mandala wasn't important to me, but the placement was. I wanted it on my inner wrist so I was able to look down in a moment of frustration and see it. I went to Chroma Tattoo in West Bloomfield on the recommendation of my friend Alexis and saw an extremely talented tattoo artist named Jason Benci. He designed the perfect mandala for my wrist and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I highly recommend both the studio and Jason if you're considering getting one. 

I think as far as people's reactions to me getting a tattoo, it either really surprised someone to learn that I have one, or it didn't surprise them at all. Because of that, I think there will be very little in-between. Some of my close friends have known I've wanted a tattoo for a very long time and didn't love anything enough to pull the trigger. Some people probably look at me and see a pretty straight-laced attorney who has to wear a suit to work and now has a tattoo on her wrist (most of that is true, and those people obviously didn't know me in my nose-stud days). Either way, I'm officially inked.


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