Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015 Lifestyle Favorites

TV ShowOrange is the New Black
The best season of this show by far. I thought season 2 was kind of a dud, so I was super pumped that this one was good. If you haven't started, now is the time to start. Plus, Ruby Rose anyone?

Movie: Inside Out
I adored this movie. It is the perfect way to explain depression and anxiety to kids and I think this is going to be used as a teaching tool for a long time to come. Also, Bing Bong is by far the best character. I want a stuffed Bing Bong. Calling it now, he is the new Olaf. Also, did anyone notice the little purple dude rocking a houndstooth vest? #RollTide.

Restaurant: The Stand (Birmingham, MI)
Ben & I ate here when he was in town over the 4th of July, and I was convinced this was a brand new restaurant. It's actually been around for almost two years and I somehow didn't know about it. We ended up eating at the bar even though we had reservations because the bar menu looked so good - and it was. If I was still working in Birmingham, this would be my new happy hour spot for sure.

Candle: Black Sands by Bath & Body Works
I hate that I can't really burn candles in the summer because my house/room are always so hot, but I love all of the summer scents. This one is described with notes of ocean mist, exotic amber, and creamy cedarwood, and I'm going to have to blast my AC just so I can burn it and not die of overheating. It smells so amazing.

Book: The Luckiest Girl
I literally read this book in an afternoon. It is extremely fast paced, easy to read, and different than most books I usually pick up. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a beach read.

Starbucks Drink: Shaken Mango Black Tea

This summer's refreshing tea concoction from Starbucks - if you like tea and/or Mango, this is a great option (especially if you're looking for something light for the summer).

Song: Keith Urban - 'John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16'
Ben wonders why he is dating me when I blare this song, but I actually freaking love it.

iPad/iPhone App: Podcast
Yes, the Apple native podcast app. I've been listening to the Undisclosed podcast (which is an expansion of the 'Serial' story... although the two aren't connected by anything other than their subject matter). It's definitely not as good as Serial but it isn't supposed to be. It's just 3 lawyers making a podcast. I'm really interested in the Adnan Syed case though so I've been loving using this app to stay on top of it - especially on my long drives.

Person: Nan & Tom Grobbel
My second parents -- I got to see these people a lot more than usual this month, between pool days and The Eagles concert, & I couldn't be happier about it. Thank you for always being my second family. Love you both so much!

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