Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 2015 Lifestyle Favorites

The favorites are slim pickings this month... nothing too new for me in the way of coffee, candles, or apps! But I did eat some good food & see some good TV...

TV Show: White Collar
I say this loosely because it is a show that Ben and I watch together so it doesn't get done all that often, but we have watched most of the first season and I really like it so far. Hoping to really dive into it in Charlotte over Labor Day weekend.

Movie: Trainwreck
Easily the funniest movie I've seen in years. I saw it with Ben and he said he has never seen me laugh so hard in a movie theater before. Go see it immediately if you haven't.

Sweet Food: Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Cookies
As Ben put it, these are the fattest things that have ever existed. They're two shortbread cookies with cookie butter in the middle. A cookie butter oreo. I die.

Savory Food: Guacamole
Because hello? Duh. Also, my mom makes it fresh, so I'm a guac snob.

Restaurant: Neptune Oyster (Boston, MA)
I was in Boston this past month with Ben and his family, and when in Boston, you eat lobster. Ben wanted to go to a place for lunch that had great lobster rolls, and every place we looked up said Neptune Oyster was the place to go. It opened at 11:30am for lunch, and by 12pm when we got there, it had a 2.5 hour wait. Everyone that was in line in front of me (who seemed to be locals) told me to put my name and number down and go wander around the city until they called because it was well worth the wait. They were not messing around. Since I can't have yeast, I literally just had lobster and butter in a bowl, and holy crap. It was the most amazing lobster I had ever had. If you're ever in the area, go

Book: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Another great book by Gillian Flynn. I think I might have liked this one the best of the three I've read of hers; it was the darkest and I found it the most interesting for sure.

Song: 'Drag Me Down' by One Direction
Y'all, they're just catchy okay? No shame. I dare you to listen to this song & not like it.
Person: Abby
Been bonding with this beauty a lot recently (especially over the summer) & it has been so wonderful. Love you Abs!

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