Thursday, September 24, 2015

College Football Week 3: Low Tide


(1) Ohio State almost lost to Northern Illinois, but pulled it out in the end by a touchdown. (10) UCLA narrowly missed defeat against come-back favorites (19) BYU, with a final score of 24-23. (13) LSU & Leonard Fournette crushed (18) Auburn 45-21. And Michigan took down UNLV (thank God) 28-7.

As far as the upsets? Two top six teams fell. (6) USC fell to unranked Stanford 41-31, but the biggest shock of the weekend was (2) Alabama falling to (15) Ole Miss, giving Ole Miss back-to-back wins against Alabama in school history. For those of you who didn't stay up to watch the whole game until 1:30am (does anyone actually know why it was so late?),  I'd love to tell you that you didn't miss much, but that'd be a lie. You missed everything. The game looked 'over' about seven different times, sometimes when Ole Miss was up by three possessions, or sometimes when Alabama scored 2 touchdowns in 2:03. Either way, there was a big shake up in the top 4, and Ole Miss is pretty much in everyones. 

FIRE: Nick Saban
Because he gets to take responsibility for the ridiculous amount of turnovers Alabama had that cost them the game. 

MARRY: Leonard Fournette
Because yeah.

KILL: Bret Bielema
Because if you haven't heard Kliff Kingsbury roast him, do it here & do it immediately.

And although this makes me want to vomit, I thought it had to be shared considering that the top 2 teams in the country are BIG TEN TEAMS. Just saying, SEC...


(22) BYU @ Michigan 12pm on ABC
(9) UCLA @ (16) Arizona 8pm on ABC
(18) Utah @ (13) Oregon 8:30pm on FOX

College Game Day is (not shockingly) at UCLA/Arizona, and Alabama is playing Louisiana-Monroe (so obviously not on the games to watch list). Michigan is playing it's second ranked team in 4 games, which for all the naysayers, is more than Michigan State or Ohio State can say... #justsaying.

Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

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