Thursday, September 10, 2015

Happy College Football Season! Week 1

Happy Labor Day, Happy Fall, & Happy College Football Season! So pumped to have the best season of the year back. I'll be attending my first college football game of the season on Saturday (Michigan vs. Oregon State) & I could not be more excited to be tailgating in fall weather. Insert pumpkin spice latte emoji here.

If you're new to my college football posts, I'll let you know what you missed over the weekend, what games to look forward to next weekend, and keeping with last year's tradition, our 'Fire, Marry, Kill' of the week.


Thursday started us off with week 1 of the college football season with a depressing Michigan loss to Utah, 24-17. It took a little wind out of our Harbaugh sails, but we all needed to be reminded that even Jim Harbaugh can't make magic out of nothing. The first ranked vs. unranked upset of the year was Northwestern beating (21) Stanford 16-6, taking down Desmond Howard's NC pick with them. Closely following was Texas A&M defeating (15) Arizona State 38-17.

Some near misses included (2) TCU narrowly defeating Minnesota 23-17 and (23) Boise State just beating Washington 16-13. While not a near miss, (7) Oregon allowing Eastern Washington (a 1-AA school for those of you playing along at home) to score 42 points on them  is not awesome (final score 61-42 Oregon). The games of the weekend were (3) Alabama vs. (20) Wisconsin, which after the first half, Alabama handedly ran away with (35-17 was the final score), and (1) Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech. I really though Tech had a chance in the first half, and then their quarterback was out for the entire second half with a left shoulder injury. There was also the Braxton Miller spin move that everyone is talking about...

FIRE: David Shaw
A loss to unranked Northwestern when Desmond Howard picked you as the 2015 NC is probably not how you want to start out the season.

MARRY: Jim Harbaugh
Did he win for us? No. Am I so happy to have him & his khakis on our sideline? Yes. #maizeblueandkhaki

KILL: Braxton Miller
Only because I hate that he's so good. See above. Oh how I hate...

(19) Oklahoma @ (25) Tennessee 6pm on ESPN
(7) Oregon @ (5) Michigan State 8pm on ABC

Nothing super exciting going on next week since we're only in week two, with the exception of the Oregon vs MSU game (which is obviously where College Game Day is going to be). I hope Oregon kicks the shit out of them and brings some of my MSU friends down a few pegs. Also, I love Puddles. #quack.

Roll Tide & Go Blue.

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