Tuesday, October 6, 2015

College Football Week 5: No One Is Good This Year

I've said this multiple times already this season, but this weekend definitely confirmed it: no one is good this year. Name one team that people think are good who hasn't either gotten beaten or come extremely close to being beaten by someone who isn't even remotely in the same wheelhouse as them. Can't think of one? That's right. Because there isn't one.


Indiana, you had one job, and you blew it. Somehow, (1) Ohio State came out on top 34-27 even though Indiana was leading almsot the entire game and had a chance at the last second to take it into overtime. Ugh. (2) Michigan State also struggled pretty significantly against Purdue, barely squeaking by with a 24-21 win. And then there was the real kicker: (3) Ole Miss falling to (25) Florida 38-10. Yes, the very same Ole Miss who dominated Alabama. Iowa took down (19) Wisconsin 10-6, Arizona State took down (7) UCLA 38-23 (which was a pretty big upset according to most), and the real talk of the weekend: (6) Notre Dame vs. (12) Clemson. Easily the best game all weekend, and it would have gone into overtime had Brian Kelly not gone for two at a stupid point in the game. But because he did, Notre Dame fell to Clemson 24-22. No. One. Is. Good.

FIRE: Brian Kelly
The reason this game didn't go into overtime was because he unnecessarily went for 2 earlier in the game. That obviously ultimately cost Notre Dame this game.

MARRY: The Purdue Offense
...for showing the country that Michigan State is a fraud and that beating Oregon literally meant nothing.

KILL: Hugh Freeze
I mean... you railroaded Alabama, and then as number 3 in the country, you lost by 28 points to Florida. Ole Miss, you & Hugh Freeze are officially exposed. 


(13) Northwestern @ (18) Michigan 3:30pm on BTN
(23) California @ (5) Utah 10pm on ESPN

Not that exciting of a weekend in college football... but I'm pretty pumped for this Michigan game. Roll Tide & GO BLUE. 

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