Tuesday, October 20, 2015

College Football Week 7: The 10 Seconds Seen 'Round The World

Let's just get this one out of the way...


Utah State took down (21) Boise State 52-26 in a striking win, and unranked Memphis defeated (13) Ole Miss 37-24. (10) Alabama also handled defeated (9) Texas A&M 41-23. But like, do we really even need to talk about anything else other than the (12) Michigan vs (7) Michigan State game? Is anyone talking about anything else? No? Ok. I guess I'll get into it and try to write this post without crying and/or vomiting. 

We were winning the entire game. The entire game. There was not a point during regulation that Michigan State had a lead. There were :10 left in the game. The punter (who played phenomenally all game, might I add), had to just punt the ball away in a clean snap/kick, and the game would be over. The streak would have been broken and the game that our team worked so hard to win, the obviously better team, would have won.

But that didn't happen.

The punter fumbled the ball. Recovered it. And fumbled it again. A MSU player grabbed it and ran for somewhere around 40 yards for a touchdown with 0:00 on the clock. The first time Michigan State led the entire game was when the clock read 0:00. The end of the game. I still can barely talk about it. It was the gut-punchiest loss I've ever experienced. But as always, it's still great to be a Michigan wolverine. I'll take that any day.

FIRE: The Refs Officiating U of M vs. MSU
I mean, this isn't shocking. If there is one thing that Michigan/Michigan State fans can agree on about the game is that the officiating was the most horrendous in recent college football history. I mean, three touchdown rulings in a row were reviewed. Must be a record.

MARRY: Francis Owusu (Stanford WR)
In non-Michigan/MSU news, this catch was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Like how?! How. Explain.

KILL: The Football Gods
I'm not going to blame our punter or Jim or the refs or anyone on the team. The reason Michigan State won (and Michigan State fans can't even argue with this) was 100% luck. The football gods had it out for us, there's just no way around it.


(15) Texas A&M @ (24) Ole Miss 7pm ESPN

Literally, the only ranked vs. ranked game on Saturday. The most dull weekend of all time. Honestly though, that's okay with me. I need a break from college football for a weekend.

As always, Roll Tide & Go Blue.

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