Tuesday, October 27, 2015

College Football Week 8: The Weekend of 4 OT & A Kick-Six Repeat


Upsets for the weekend include UCLA rolling over (20) Cal 40-24, (24) Ole Miss taking down (15) Texas A&M 23-3, and (3) Utah & Travis Wilson falling to unranked USC 42-24 (no thanks to Wilson's four interceptions. However, these weren't even the most notable. (9) Florida State lost their unbeaten record to Georgia Tech when they experienced a 'kick-six' extremely reminiscent of the 2013 Iron Bowl.

Even maybe more notable than the kick six repeat, or at least on par, is that two games went into four overtimes. Yes, four. (23) Duke ultimately defeated Virginia Tech 45-43 in quadruple overtime, and Auburn fell to Arkansas 54-46 in quadruple overtime. Like, how does that happen twice in one weekend? 


FIRE: Travis Wilson (Utah QB)
4 interceptions in their game against USC, which is the main reason for their fall to the Trojans on Saturday.

MARRY: Bye Week
Nothing exciting enough happened to me to warrant this spot. The most exciting thing was that I didn't have to worry about Michigan losing another gut-wrenching game.

KILL: Whoever you want to blame for the FSU/Georgia Tech Kick 6
Did the 2013 Iron Bowl teach you people nothing?


(9) Notre Dame @ (21) Temple 8pm ABC

Y'all, I'm not exaggerating. This is the only ranked vs. ranked game the entire weekend, so obviously College GameDay is going there. What is this nonsense? Michigan is playing Minnesota & Alabama has a bye week.

Happy Halloween everyone, and as always, Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

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