Thursday, November 12, 2015

College Football Week 10: And Then There Were Six


Six unbeatens remain after this past weekend's chaos: Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Iowa, and Houston. (24) Toledo fell to Northern Illinois 32-27, (13) Memphis lost to Navy in a big way 45-20, and Auburn shocked the Aggies and took down (19) Texas A&M 26-10.

And those were just the minor upsets. 

Three top-ten teams fell, and two endings were right in line with the crazy season we've been having this year thanks to the refs. (8) TCU was exposed by (14) Oklahoma State and lost 49-29, as were (2) LSU & Leonard Fournette by (4) Alabama when the Tide rolled over the Tigers 30-16.

But leave it to the referees to bomb the endings to not one, but two games. In the Arkansas vs. (18) Ole Miss game that went into overtime, Arkansas made a crazy fourth down play that should have been ruled a dead ball instead of a fumble, but because it wasn't, Arkansas got the chance to go for two and win the game. And as for (7) Michigan State vs. Nebraska, Nebraska scored two touchdowns in the last two minutes, and the Nebraska player running in for the last-second touchdown clearly ran out of bounds (and did not appear to be forced), and then scored the touchdown, obviously making it not valid. Refs ruled it as if he was forced out of bounds, and gave Nebraska the win.

What a weekend.

FIRE: All The Refs [Specifically the MSU vs. Nebraska & Ole Miss v. Arkansas refs]
For two horrible, horrible, game-deciding calls, giving Nebraska and Arkansas undeserved wins over MSU and Ole Miss.

MARRY: Derrick Henry
For showing the world how overrated Leonard Fournette is. Your running back is only as good as your O-line, and Alabama's D-line crushed LSU.

KILL: Alabama Frat Boys
For the insanely insensitive sign (that I refuse to repost) about 'finishing what Katrina started' in regards to LSU. This is why people hate frat boys.


(21) Memphis @ (24) Houston 
(2) Alabama @ (17) Mississippi State
(12) Oklahoma @ (6) Baylor

Michigan plays Indiana at 3:30pm in Bloomington... how many unbeatens will remain after this weekend?
Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

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