Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year -- Bowl Season!

One of my favorite parts of college football is bowl season, for a multitude of reasons. Most teams end up playing teams that they wouldn't in ordinary circumstances, there are multiple football games a day between now and January 1, and it makes for some great competition. My family has been doing bowl picks for the last ten years or so, and it has now expanded to include Jodie's fianc√© Mike & Ben (as well as my parents, Jodie, and my brother). 

I've been using the same spreadsheet for the last five years now that my friend made me, and I think I talk about it every single year. It's seriously the coolest thing: you put in the date/time of the game and the opponents, and once you put in people's choices and the winner, it auto-populates a score. It's pretty baller, and I will probably be using it long after Excel is obsolete. 

Because there are seven people in this spreadsheet now and it's too enormous to screenshot and get everyone's picks on the blog, I'm going to just show you my picks (because let's be real, that's all that really matters). Without further ado:


Happy Bowl Season -- Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

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