Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January 2016 Lifestyle Favorites

TV Show: The Staircase / Jinx
So if you're a Making a Murderer fan, then both of these shows are great to dive into. Not that I'm trying to promote Steven Avery's life (or anyone else's) as entertainment, but they're really good documentaries. I enjoyed The Staircase a lot more, but both are great. The Staircase is on Sundance online & Jinx is on HBO.

Sweet Food: Annie's Berry Patch Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
They're my current vice.

Savory Food: Trader Joe's Ham, Cheese, & Onion Flatbread
Also a vice of mine, but I get to call this dinner instead of dessert. On a side note, Trader Joe's is legitimately the best.

Restaurant: Zebra (Charlotte, NC)
This is the restaurant Ben & I rang in 2016 at (earlier in the night obviously since we were home watching college football shortly after 8pm), and we also ate brunch here during January as well. It's an awesome new spot in Charlotte (featuring none other than 'bad decisions zebra' drinking an $800 bottle of wine [or so we're told]).

Candle/Lush Product: You've Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt by Lush
Ok, so not a candle, but now that I have two gigantic bathtubs, I have a feeling I will be taking a lot more baths and using a lot more LUSH bath products. This is one of the first ones I used (you can break it in half or use the whole thing) and it makes your water silky smooth (with mango & avocado butters) and smells like mango (obviously).

Book: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson
First of all, there is a hilarious raccoon on the cover (which is the reason that I picked the book up in the first place). It's a hysterical book about mental illness, which sounds like an oxymoron, but it's not, I promise.

Song: 'New Americana' by Halsey
What can I say? I like it. I like trashy music.

iPhone/iPad app: FitBit
I got a FitBit Charge HR over Christmas and I am in love. Not that my steps are anywhere near where they should be because I'm sitting at my desk all day studying for the bar, and my barre workouts don't really require a lot of steps, but still. I love being able to check that and monitor everything I want to in one app.

Person: Emily Goodman
This month's human favorite goes out to this girl, who is keeping me from going crazy from having almost no friends in Charlotte. So glad we're finally in the same city!

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