Monday, June 20, 2016

May 2016 Lifestyle Favorites

TV Show: Modern Family
I'm normally not into sitcoms, but I am clearly the dead last person to jump on the Modern Family bandwagon. I've been watching it on Amazon Streaming (the seasons were all on sale for $9.99), and I have come to one conclusion: I am Cam.

Sweet Food: Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans
Been a favorite from since I got them in my Easter basket back in April.

Savory Food: Caprese Salad
A giant caprese salad has been one of my go-to dinners lately. I've been using fresh basil from a basil plant I got at Trader Joes for $3, as well as some amazing olive oil & white balsamic from Queen Creek Olive Mill in Arizona. The basil olive oil & prickly pear white balsamic are top notch.

Restaurant: Gallery (Charlotte, NC)
This restaurant is in the beautiful Ballentyne Hotel in Charlotte, and Ben & I enjoyed an incredible meal here for our anniversary dinner.

Song: "Buried in Detroit (Remix)" by Mike Posner & Big Sean
Song. Of. The. Summer. SO pumped that Mike is back better than ever. It seems like just yesterday that he was performing for free on Wayne State's campus. Congrats buddy!

iPhone/iPad app: Fooducate
I've been addicted to this app recently. You can scan the barcode of any food item (they have hundreds of thousands of items in their database), and it brings up a 'grade' in it's category (snacks, ice cream, etc.), telling you where that item falls in its category (best, above average, below average, worst). It is super awesome and has really been helping me watch what I eat and analyze nutrition labels better.

Person: Tori
There are no words for this girl. Without having any reason to help me other than just being a nice person, she has single-handedly helped me network my way around the Charlotte legal world. Plus, she is a kickass person and friend. You're stuck with me, girl. Love you.


  1. Awww!!! I love you! Also, welcome aboard the Modern Family bandwagon. Xoxox

  2. Modern Family is the best! I love putting it on in the background while cleaning. I'm gonna try out the Fooducate app for sure, thanks for sharing!!


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