Tuesday, September 6, 2016

College Football Season 2016 HAS ARRIVED: Week 1

IT'S BACK, Y'ALL. And week one of college football 2016 definitely did not disappoint. In fact, it was quite possibly the craziest opening week that I can remember.


The weekend started out crazy with an almost-upset by Appalachian State over (9) Tennessee. The final score was 20-13 in overtime with a Tennessee win, but that was solely because App State imploded at the end. Tennessee will not be staying at #9 for very long.

Saturday started off with a big (7) Michigan win over Hawaii 63-3, and let me just say how nice it was to have a huge-scoring win opening weekend. (3) Oklahoma went down to (15) Houston 33-23, which keeps Houston's playoff dreams alive. Some other upsets included (16) UCLA falling to Texas A&M 31-24, Western Michigan defeating Northwestern 22-21 and Mississippi State losing to South Alabama 21-20. I imagine that is not how most of those teams envisioned week one.

(1) Alabama completely dominated (20) USC 52-6 at Jerry World in Dallas on Saturday night, showing everyone that they deserve the No.1  rank in the country. (2) Clemson however, made people question whether they deserve that spot as they almost lost to unranked Auburn on a last-second Hail Mary pass to end the game. Luckily for them, it wasn't caught, and the final score was 19-13 Clemson, but it definitely was not the showing of a #2 team.

While Saturday was obviously great, Sunday and Monday proved to be the two best games of the weekend. On Sunday night, (10) Notre Dame took on Texas in Austin, and ended up losing in a crazy double-overtime finish 50-47. On Monday night, (11) Ole Miss went to (4) Florida State and looked like they had the game on lock in the first half, but FSU came out blazing in the second half, making the biggest comeback in school history. FSU ended up winning 45-34, but the score did not reflect in any way how crazy/unbalanced the game was.

FIRE: Dan Mullen
A loss to SOUTH ALABAMA? Really?

MARRY: The Nebraska Football Team
For the way they honored their punter who was tragically killed in a car accident over the summer. Watch the video below as they take a delay of game before a punt because they "can't get all 11 men on the field, since they're missing one". Heartbreaking.

KILL: This guy.
Football is dangerous enough. Absurdly dirty late hits are totally unacceptable. One game is not a long enough suspension.


UCF @ (5) Michigan: 12pm, ABC
Western Kentucky @ (1) Alabama: 3:30pm, ESPN2
(17) Tennessee  vs. Virginia Tech: 8pm, ABC (Bristol Motor Speedway)

There aren't too many big games on this weekend, with College GameDay going to Bristol Motor Speedway for the largest college football game in history. That being said, Michigan & Alabama are still playing, so as always, Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

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