Monday, October 17, 2016

College Football Week 7: Catching Up

GAMES YOU MISSED [in the last 3 weeks]

So I've never missed a college football post since I started writing, and I'm really sorry to have done it the last two weeks. I was in the midst of planning/attending my best friend's bachelorette party in New Orleans (#HurricaneMargaret), as well as starting a new job in Charlotte! So it's been pretty busy for me over the last few weeks.

That being said, let me update you on the last 21 days of college football...

(10) Washington took down (7) Stanford in dramatic fashion 44-6. (5) Clemson beat (3) Louisville in a super exciting game that ended 42-36. (12) Florida State got its second loss of the season to North Carolina 37-35. (17) Michigan State lost in overtime to Indiana 34-31 and (18) Utah lost to Cal 28-23. South Alabama crushed (19) San Diego State 42-24 and Oklahoma beat (21) TCU 52-46. Finally, Oklahoma State beat (22) Texas 49-31. Lots of upsets during week 5 that really shook up the rankings.

(4) Michigan blew out Rutgers 78-0 (in front of a ton of Rutgers recruits that were invited to the game...) and Navy shot down (6) Houston's playoff chances with a 46-40 win. (8) Texas A&M finally broke (9) Tennessee's come-back-from-21 streak in a 45-38 overtime win. (23) Florida State beat (10) Miami 20-19, and Washington State crushed (15) Stanford 42-16. (25) Virginia Tech took down (17) North Carolina 34-3, and (21) Colorado lost to USC 21-17.

(2) Ohio State had its first close game of the season against (8) Wisconsin. It really looked like Wisconsin had it the whole way through, until they went into overtime... and threw an interception to end the game 30-23. (3) Clemson also almost lost to NC State, but managed to squeak by with a 24-17 win. (22) Arkansas took down (12) Ole Miss 34-30, & (16) Miami lost to UNC 20-13. Finally, Syracuse defeated (17) Virginia Tech 31-17, giving Syracuse its only ACC win this season.


FIRE: Chris Ash (Rutgers Head Coach)
Because you can't invite a bunch of recruits to watch a 78-0 blowout.

MARRY: Jabrill Peppers
Because you're looking at the future Heisman Trophy winner.

KILL: Wisconsin
Because ugh. You had one job.
GAMES TO WATCH [next week]

(3) Michigan vs. Illinois, 3:30PM
(1) Alabama vs. (6) Texas A&M, 3:30PM CBS
(17) Arkansas @ (21) Auburn, 6PM ESPN
(23) Ole Miss @ (25) LSU, 9PM ESPN 

Alabama has its hardest game of the year, and I'm hoping for another basketball score from Michigan against Illinois.
As always, Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

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