Monday, October 24, 2016

College Football Week 8: Down Goes No. 2


What a great college football weekend it was... in the battle of the unbeatens, (1) Alabama handedly took down (6) Texas A&M 33-14, securing their spot as an unstoppable No. 1. (3) Michigan defeated Illinois 41-8. (11)  Houston fell to SMU, 38-16. (16) Oklahoma barely defeated Texas Tech in an insane shootout: 66-59. (21) Auburn demolished (17) Arkansas 56-3, and (25) LSU defeated (23) Ole Miss 38-21. 

And of course, the greatest loss of the season thus far: (2) Ohio State falling from grace & losing to unranked Penn State 24-21. Although, in all honesty, that didn't change the playoff picture much. Somehow they only fell to No. 6, staying ahead of 3 undefeated teams, as well as a one-loss Texas A&M who had just lost to the number one team in the country. Meaning, if OSU beats Michigan, they're still in. Someone explain that to me.

F/M/K: Ohio State Edition

FIRE: The Playoff Committee.
Because dropping Ohio State to No. 6 was effectively doing nothing.

MARRY: Marcus Allen & Grant Haley (Penn State)
Because they blocked Ohio State's field goal and ran it 60 yards for a touchdown, respectively. 

KILL: Urban Meyer.
Because you lost to Penn State. On a kick-six.


(2) Michigan @ Michigan State, 12PM ESPN
(4) Washington @ (17) Utah, 3:30PM FS1
(7) Nebraska @ (11) Wisconsin, 7PM ESPN
(3) Clemson @ (12) Florida State, 8PM ABC

Alabama is off and Michigan has a game that will hopefully get rid of some haunting memories from last year.
As always, Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

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