Wednesday, November 2, 2016

College Football Week 9: The First CFB Playoff Rankings


(22) Navy fell to USF on Friday 52-45. (2) Michigan embarrassingly squeaked by Michigan State 32-23, which goes to show that anything can happen in a rivalry game. (3) Clemson also squeaked by (12) Florida State 37-34. (11) Wisconsin took down (7) Nebraska in a Big Ten showdown in overtime 23-17. (8) Baylor lost to Texas 35-34. (10) West Virginia went down hard to Oklahoma State 37-20, and (13) Boise State lost to WYOMING 30-28. And last, but most certainly not least, (18) Tennessee fell to South Carolina 24-21.

FIRE: Butch Jones
Because even after all of Tennessee's comebacks from a 21+ point deficit, they still lost to South Carolina.

MARRY: Jabrill Peppers
Can I just marry him every week? But mainly just for this backflip.

KILL: Bryan Harsin
There were so many to choose from, but I think Boise losing to Wyoming takes the cake.


So the first rankings came out last night...

I was initially super annoyed that Michigan was No. 3 until Ben pointed out that who is 2 and who is 3 doesn't matter because they play each other. I also agree that Texas A&M is the best one-loss team (obviously, as they've only lost to the No. 1 team in the country). I'm okay with them as No. 4, as I think their body of work and strength of schedule are both stronger than Washington's.

As for the rest? Penn State is a pretty high 6-2 team, even with a win over Ohio State, but nothing else really sticks out to me as horrifically ill-placed. Anyone else have any thoughts? (What a loaded question).

(3) Michigan vs. Maryland 3:30 ESPN
(6) Ohio State vs (10) Nebraska 8PM ABC
(1) Alabama @ (13) LSU 8PM CBS

All games from this point out are must-wins for both Michigan & Alabama to make it into the playoffs. Same goes for Ohio State, because if they go into the Michigan-OSU game as a 2-loss team, their season is over. Roll Tide & GO BLUE.


  1. How about a little shout out to my Western Michigan Broncos? Row the Boat!

    1. Fair! WMU deserved a mention in there. They're really crushing this year, and would definitely be much higher than they are if they had any real strength of schedule. RTB!


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